Your Vitamin C Powerhouse Solution

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Acerola. Your flavorful, plant-based
Vitamin C solution     

Looking to help consumers achieve their recommended daily value of Vitamin C? Just add acerola to your product line for a potent natural source. Just 100 grams of single-strength acerola contains 20x the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C!

iTi Tropicals supplies Acerola Puree, Acerola Juice Concentrate, and clarified Acerola Juice Concentrate from Brazil. Acerola puree and Acerola Juice Concentrate are available in organic. These products are prepared from carefully selected sound, mature, and unfermented fruit. The fruit is harvested locally from selected suppliers which are regularly monitored by the processor. No preservatives, flavors, or other additives are used. The product is Kosher certified and manufactured under a certified quality system.

Full on flavor!

Acerola has a delicious, distinctive flavor which is often described as a cross between a tart lime and a berry.

Packed with nutrients!  

Along with vitamin C, Acerola packs vitamin A, potassium, and calcium.

Plant-based. Clean Label.

Acerola produces the all-important and widely sought after “clean label” status.

What’s Possible with Tropical

Our incredible product line of bulk purees and juice concentrates combine the highest quality and best taste of nature’s offerings.

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