Apr. 4, 2020


In 1956, workers at the University of Florida's Agricultural Research and Education Center in Homestead, after making preliminary evaluations and selections, chose as superior and named the 'Florida Sweet', a clone that was observed to have an upright habit of growth, large fruits, thick skin, apple-like, semi-sweet flavor, and high yield.

The first promising selections in Puerto Rico, on the bases of fruit size, yield and vitamin content, were identified as 'A-l' and 'B-17', but these were later found to be inferior to 'B-15' in ascorbic acid level and productivity. Yields of 10 clones ('A-l', 'A-2', 'A-4', 'A-10', 'A-21', 'B-2', 'B-9', 'B-15', 'B-17', and 'K-7') were compared over a 2-year period (1955-56) in Puerto Rico and 'B-15' far exceeded the others in both years.

A horticultural variety in St. Croix, formerly known as M. thompsonii Britton & Small, has displayed unusually large leaves and fruits and more abundant flowers than the common strain of Barbados cherry.


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