Apr. 4, 2020


Ripe Barbados cherries bruise easily and are highly perishable. Processors store them for no more than 3 days at 45° F (7.22° C). Half-ripe fruits can be maintained for a few more days. If longer storage is necessary, the fruits must be frozen and kept at 10° F (-12.22° C) and later thawed for use. At one time it was believed that the fruits could be transported to processing plants in water tanks (as is done with true cherries) but it was discovered that they lose their color and ascorbic acid content in water.

At room temperature-85° F (29.44° C) in Puerto Rico-canned Barbados cherries and also the juice lose color and fresh flavor and 53% to 80% of their ascorbic acid content in one month, and metal cans swell because of the development of CO2. Refrigeration at 44.6° F (7° C) considerably reduces such deterioration. Juice in the home refrigerator will lose 20% of its ascorbic acid in 18 days. Therefore, the juice and the puree should be kept no longer than one week.


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